Courtcase donation Rambo

jager die de papegaai heeft neergeschoten
neergeschoten papagaai rambo
rambo de blauw gele ara papegaai

Different people wanted to start a crowdfunding to pay the costs for the court procedure which have to be paid quite soon.  
 With a crowdfunding  a part of every donation will go to that organisation, so we decided to start a total new bank
 account with the name Mero Ara Rambo of the owner Joseph Verdyck.
 It is an Argenta account (Belgium) without extra costs so all the donations effectively will go to that account.
 Of course we regularly will post an update about the finance including the done payments.
 If there still is money available on this account when everything is closed and done, than we will give this money to a
 good cause to help other birds. Moral compensation is more specific and will be used to buy another bird and train it for free flight.

We need your help !

Do you believe that this is not allowed to continue with impunity? Join us today and make a donation to support. 

doneer via paypal voor Rambo

No paypal ? You can donate directly to our bank account :    
 Mero Ara Rambo       Account number:  BE61 9733 5988 7717       BIC: ARSPBE22

It would be very much appreciated if you put your facebook- or email address in the
 statement, so that I can send a personal message to everyone who donated.

joseph verdyck met Rambo en Mero